INTRO - Why this blog?

I am glad to see you are here and I really hope you will read articles in this blog. I hope you will find them interesting and, and that is the reason why I write them, useful. I want to explain you, especially newbies, details how hyips work. You know, hyip are very attractive and seductive. With such high daily profit, we all stop and ask ourselves, why shouldn`t I try to invest. Better say, "invest"... Hyip or high yield investment programs are not investment in full meaning of the word, better word is pseudoinvestment. Or gambling. Or ponzi. What is ponzi? New deposits are necessary to pay profit for old deposits. And profit for owner of hyip and his/her team. And all other spends that owner of hyip has during lifetime of his project. I could say, it is a game between owner and us, investors. We all want to win. To make profit. But of course, it is not possible. Only few of us will win. In these articles I would like to show you how I play. I will reveal some secrets that have not to be revealed. But I want to help you to avoid those owners that will bring you loss, although the reasons for the loss could be different...

Who I am in hyip world?

The very first hyip I found maybe 6 or 7 years ago. I was very surprised when I opened it and started to read "about us" article: they presented their company as a successful forex traders, they offered 2-3% daily profit, the design of the site was great and very convincing. Then I checked more around and I found more nice designed and convincing "forex traders" hyips. Felmina Alliance, Benson Union, bad designed Profitable Sunrise, but really very profitable, and many other, I remember True Profit, also great hyip. I thought every hyip is profitable. Then I discovered that there were also scams. And after my first scam and my first loss I started to investigate, to learn, to talk with other investors. Now, 6 years later, I can say, there were good and bad moments, grows and falls. Wins and losses. Especially after Liberty Reserve stopped working.

Cryptocurrencies saved hyips. And held me in hyips. I would probably give up without cryptocurrencies. But three years ago I decided to go more serious in hyips, to make my modest monitor with listing of hyips I chose, and finaly to make this blog about hyips and me in hyips.
To conclude, one of my good, more experienced colleagues in one chat said that human nature has persistent wish to get easy money, so hyip will never stop exist. Since I believe it is pure truth, I write all this.

How to choose good HYIP?

If you open sites like ISP or allmonitors, you can find more then 300 hyips launched every month. How to handle with such numerous hyips? To eliminate weak projects, I check their technical details: quality of the server, license of the script, SSL protection. After that checking point many cheap hyips are removed, but there are still too many offered hyips. Next check point is domain registration. If the owner of the hyip yesterday registered domain and today launched his project, I skip it. Why? Admin is in hurry. He wants to take money from the first deposits and he will very fast stop paying. So, I choose just launched projects that have at least one month old domain registration. This way, my list is brutally cutted off, but I want to reduce risk of loss to minimum.
Of course, all this is not guarantee of 100% good choice, because nobody knows admin`s managing capacity and knowledge, his budget and his intentions. But this way I reduce risk of bad chosen hyip to minimum.


Sometimes there are no (enough) hyips that can fullfil my claims. Wait! Be patient! It is better to wait than put money into risk. New promising projects will come sooner or later. It is better to skip some project, and later, if project will make good result, remember the design, style, plans, technical details and wait untill the admin will launch his new project.

Monitors - their purpose and their confidence

Monitors and blogs... Yes, they are monitoring hyips. But how? They sell listing. Part of that money they "invest" for monitoring purpose, part of the money they return back to their referrals through higher RCB, and only few of them offer insurance for their referrals.
What is the difference between them?
Two big differences are: Good monitor will not allow every hyip owner to be listed, because of previous bad experience. That way he shows that he cares about his referrals.
Second difference: When hyip stops paying, it is very important that monitor immediately changes the status to "payment on hold", thus all new possible investors or reinvestors get fresh information and save their money.
Unfortunately, there are only few really confident monitors and blogs. On my main page I put banners of two of them because I learned a lot from them.

Types of hyips - measured by risk of losing money

There are several types of hyips according to their investment plans:
I prefer middle term, where investment plan is 7, 10 or 20 days. The best option is if deposit is included in daily profit. If not, then there is deposit returned back after investment plan is finished.
Also I prefer "piggy bank" hyips, where after few days you can withdraw your deposit, usually with some exit fee (5-7%), but those hyips are managed only by best admins.
Few years ago there were lot of long term hyips, with investment plans of 60 or 90 days, but I can`t remember last good long term hyip.
There are also "fast", after 1 day or after 3 days hyips, but I don`t like them at all and I don`t play them at all. Risk of loss is enormous.

Sleepers and partisans - Chance to make profit before redesign

Sleepers and partisans are hyips with basic GoldCoders or H-Script design. There are many great hyips started as sleepers, you should remember or check Razzleton or DDFutures. When I choose sleeper to make deposit, I like that admin put some limitations, for example 1 deposit per member or/and limited amount of deposit (100 - 500$). That way enables him to control money flow, especially to stop hit&run investors to destroy the project with one big deposit. In the case with one big deposit admin can choose between two options: pay big profit&deposit back to that hit&run investors ( because he will not reinvest at least his profit) or completely close the project. In general, hit&run investors have made damage to many promising projects.

Amounts to deposit

I wrote something about amounts to deposit in previous article. I am small investor and my deposits are up to 150$, mostly up to 50$. The reason is that I find hyips as a fun, not a place to become rich. Of course that I want to win and make profit, but sometimes it is not possible because of unexpected reasons. My aim is to end a year with 10-20% pure profit. Especially I play safe with cryptocoins. I hope that cryptocoins will increase their rate significantly in future. So, 20% by 20% ...
Few words about budget and how to work with it: I splitted it into two pieces: one is splitted again and deposited into 5-10 active projects. Other half is waiting for some strong fresh project(s) that is "must have" in my deposit list.