Onestart solutions is a fresh project, launched 14th October, still in alpha version, some script and design improvements will be made in next weeks. So far they are without monitors and, according to my first impressions, the team will not pay any hyip monitors or blogs, at least in this first phase of work. They obviously have experienced team of promotors, again outside usual hyip market, but inside of MLM projects.

ROI 10%


OneStart solutions, in their about us page says:
How to transform a business idea into a prospering company of the international level? It requires money, qualified staff, striving for innovations, ambitiousness and readiness to proceed to completion despite all difficulties. OneStart Venture Solutions has all these resources. We made first efforts for creation and adjustment of the first successful business back in 2003: on the basis of a small Irish technological enterprise we made electronic devices that didn’t find quick sales in the hi-tech market. Beginning with 2012, from the small Start-up project in IT sphere we grew to the real venture giant of technology industry with registered capital over $880’000’000. We helped to implement over 200+ projects in IT and hi-tech spheres and keep moving in the same direction every day. Our goal is to help dreamers transform their ideas to successful business.

The script is well-known and good H-script. The hosting is well-known good one by Hetzner Online GMBH, but this time unusual Finland ip address.
Since the site is still in alpha version, there are some errors in script and not finished design, but nothing so important in my opinion.

There are several investment plans, but I think most of the investors from hyip market will choose the first two:
1) Snowflake Venture Financing Plan - Strategic venture analysis of the “Snowflake” IPO Startup project. Deposit amount: $150 - $800; Daily Profit: 1.4%; Deposit Term - 27 days; Deposit refund: at the end of the term.

2) Startup Research Plan - Selection of new Startup ideas. Deposit amount: $100 - $1'000; Daily Profit: 2.4%; Deposit Term - 365 days; Deposit refund: included in the interest rate.

Accruals are on calendar days.
Withdrawal timeframe is up to 48 hours, but during working hours it is within half of hour.
Electronic payment processors are Perfect Money and Payeer for USD, crypto BTC, ETH.
Minimum withdrawal amount is 3$.

Affiliate program offers 8% in first line of referrals, and then, depending of personal deposit and structure turnover it can reach 6 levels.

I received the info about the project 3 days ago, and I found it very promising after chat with the promoter who sent me the info. No matter of some errors in script, I decided to put, for me, higher deposit amount, combining both plans. According to the info I received, the project could reach at least 150 days of work.