Why here? :) and not on the main listing
The reason why I have had to hide all about Oxi-corp is that admin doesn`t want to connect his project with any hyip project, also with any monitor, or blog, or hyip listing. He also forbids to mention the word Oxi in telegram channels etc. So I have to make hidden content in my site, not visible at the first sight.

Oxi-corp review:

We are an investment corporation, which includes a group of promising companies, united under the leadership of Gordon Ross to increase income and growth. Our activities cover many areas of business, including brokerage, trading, joining a joint-stock company, real estate and construction as well as the development of cutting-edge medical equipment. At OXI Corporation. a special investment climate has been created, which, due to the large number of areas and fields of activity, makes it possible to level the decline in the shares of some companies by the profit of others. Thus, maintaining a consistently high income remains one of our main merits...
The head of the company is 36-year-old businessman Gordon Ross, who has been involved in crisis management of enterprises for the past 15 years. The general director relates about his education in simple terms: he received a higher economic degree at the best European universities and then went to the French Sorbonne Academy, but did not complete his studies because he got involved in entrepreneurship. Soon the rescue of “drowning” enterprises became the favorite work and a hobby of the future company head...
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There are several plans, but most of the investors from hyip market can afford Standard Damask or Premium Aurora plans. But first I will shortly present Standard Pure plan, that can be play only once, just like test plan.

Standard Pure: deposit 10-250$ or 0.0025-0.035 BTC or equvalent in ETH and LTC, for 7 working days, 1.3% daily profit (9.1% net profit) and principal back

Standard Damask: deposit 250-5000$ or 0.035-0.65 BTC or equivalent in ETH and LTC, for 18 working days, 1.5% daily profit (27% net profit) and principal back

Premium Aurora: deposit 500-5000$ or 0.1 - 0.7 BTC or equivalent in ETH and LTC, for 80 working days, 3% daily profit (140% net profit), principal included in daily profit

About conversion: you can replenish your balance in any currency and then make deposit in any currency. Then your accruals are in currency that you chose for your plan.

There are 5 different affiliate programs depending on total turnover. The first program starts with commissions in 5 levels: 5-2-1-1-1%.


Oxi-corp has its accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel.

MY IMPRESSIONS: Another excellent prepared project, after we have had several vey similar during last two years, very profitable and long running, above 150 days. We have OVH Germany hosting again. We have new feature, and that is that admin does not want to connect his project with hyip. His market is made from another investors. That is the reason of high minimum deposit amounts.
I expect long run and good profit here. My strong recommendation.

My 1st deposit:

My 2nd deposit:

My payment proofs:

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