When I started to think about my site about hyip projects, one of nice ideas was how to make some kind of insurance for the referrals. There were few old monitors that in certain number of projects offered insurance, and it was nice to reduce loss in projects, when it happened. It was not the same to had 70-80% of loss, or 10-20%.
So, after few paid listings, I decided to ask the admins for aditional amount especially for insurance. Of course, my site is relatively fresh and I cannot compete with old monitors and blogs and I cannot expact big insurance amounts, but my idea is to cover at least few referrals. The question was how to devide that amount. My answer was to make the contest to protect latest referrals.

How insurance contest works?

Depends of the deal with the admin, I devide the amount for the insurance into 2 or 3 each parts. Each part cover 2 or 3 latest referrals. For example, I have 6 referrals. I offer insurance for 3 referrals. That means, first 3 referrals are not insured, latest 3 are insured. Why so? First 3 referrals made deposit earlier and made better ROI, possible they reached BEP. Latest 3 referrals are in bigger risk, so the insurance is for them.
There are some conditions to participate in contest. I have to set minimum deposit. That is all.