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Kovrita smart contract guide

Smart contract? What is it? Probably you know, but for those who have some doubts, I will tray to explain what is it and how it works. Smart contract is developed and directly connected by Ethereum. So, the main currency is always Ethereum, but all main cryptos, and even tokens are available to be used in such projects.
To register, login, connect and to be safe, I use Metamask. It is application that connect smart contracts and your ETH wallet, there is Chrome extensions that has to be enabled. In smart contracts you CANNOT use your addresses from wallets like Coinbase or from exchangers. It MUST be ERC-20 wallet.

Nex step is open our Kovrita.io site in new tab and then in new window, clicking on account tab, connect our Metamask and Kovrita.

We are logged in now.

We are in our backoffice and everything is very similar to any other online investment project. You can make deposits using ETH, BTC or other crypto from the list, or USD also.
There are 4 investment/reward plans, I chose longest (100 days) with daily profit up to 2,62% and possible deposit back after expiration.

Withdrawals can be in ETH or BTC or flat, but in ETH minimum withdrawal amount is lowest. Everything is automatic, instant after request and easy to check in etherscan.io.